Winter Blues?…Try these Trapp Scents!

The short days and long nights will be upon us soon. The clock will move forward one hour next week. What does this mean? The exposure to sun will shorten. It has been proven that the vitamin D you get from the sun helps heighten your energy and well being. So, what can you do to compensate? Utilize these energizing scents from Trapp candles

 Lemongrass Verbena   Orange Vanilla   Black Pepper 

Lemongrass promotes a sense of emotional well-being and Verbena may be used for depression, as well as, increase energy and inhibit feelings of apathy and lack of interest. It is also said to stimulate the brain and increase concentration. Vanilla is used to heighten mental clarity and the Black Pepper is used as a mental stimulant and helps increase stamina and aid alertness. It can be used to help concentration and memory loss. Don’t let winter get you down. Order your Trapp Scent Candle now!

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